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Multiplication Games - Class Set

Race for the Stars includes two 11 x 17 game boards, one for levels A-K and one for levels L-Z.  For each game board there is a set of 24 matching math fact problems. Race for the Stars games come in all four operations. The aim of the game is for players to lay the 24 problems next to the 24 answers on the game board as quickly as possible. Each round should generally take between 45 and 100 seconds. Our handy Race for the Stars Game Directions explain several ways to play the game. Both levels of these games will be fun review for students who have mastered the facts in each level using Rocket Math Facts before beginning to play.

 (Equal to 15 individual games.) A class set of games includes 15 game boards for levels A-K and 15 for levels L-Z, making a total of 30 game boards. Every student in the class can be playing simultaneously. Race for the Stars game boards are colorful and laminated on durable chipboard. Each board has 24 punch out playing pieces, and we include baggies for storage. Free shipping. 

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